lFor homeowners heating and cooling their house can be expensive. Especially with the cost contentiously on the rise. Lots of homeowners seem to be looking for ways to keep the cost down in their homes by insulating.

An area that is often looked at is the garage door. Garage doors tend to let air get in that can change the temperature of the whole garage. If your garage is connected to your house. This could eventually change the temperature of your home.

Insulating the garage door can help keep the air out and other things from getting in. Don’t use the bat insulation or spray foam insulation because it can interfere with how the garage door operates.

Also the constant movement of the garage door could flake them up and pull them apart. Which means you’ll have to insulate the garage door over and over again. Also consider insulating the rest of the garage from your home.


What Things To Insulate In The Garage


Things like the walls and floors could potentially bring in cold air during the winter. You want to insulate the interior of the walls and ceiling to keep from wasting money on your energy bill due to cold air coming in.

Insulate the ceilings up top to keep air from coming into any rooms above. Doing all of this will protect your home from temperature changes even if the temperatures tend to fluctuate in the garage.

If a homeowner is using the garage as storage space it’ll probably be better to add the insulation to the walls and ceilings instead of the door. If you’re using the garage as living space then it might be a better choice to get the door insulated.

Choose whats best for you depending on your lifestyle, needs, and whatever need to be done to keep your energy cost down.